Blueprint Screen Overload Freezing

Rex Wang shared this feedback 9 months ago

I Love Blueprints

I love them so much I have recently downloaded about 5000 of them. For reasons...

Around at 1000, any more blueprints won't display the picture and be selectable ie if sorted alphabetically, the first 1000 work fine and the last few don't work. Also, the blueprints all loading at the same time means there is major lag openning the screen. I tried to open it recently and it froze and never unfroze, even after 10 minutes. Hope you can add workshop blueprint folders or at least some sort of staggered blueprint loading.

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local blueprints work fine, f10 doesn't load steam blueprints anymore, have to use projector to access blueprints before it actually tries to load the 5000 blueprints and freezes.