Block (shape) repair speed

Vinier McNuggets shared this feedback 3 months ago

I'm not talking about the speed in which the block builds but when a block gets damaged, it gets deformed and repairing it back to its original shape long outlasts how long it takes to put in new missing components, So as I repair a ship, its frustratingly long to sit there and hold click while it takes 5-10 seconds for a blocks shape to be fully repaired. Even with 10x weld speed and a elite welder it's so tedious to sit there so if that speed could be upped, that would be tremendous, thank you.

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As pointed out, when repairing an item without the necessary components, it takes many times longer than to just weld a new item from scratch. Up to 10 times longer from my testing. However, if you have the components to do the repair, the weld speed almost always goes back to normal.


1) Place 2 light armor block.

2) Shoot them both with a rifle until they have approximately the same damage.

3) Weld repair the first block with enough steel plate to get it to 100%,

4) Weld repair the second block without any steel plate in your inventory.

Regardless of quality of welder and world weld speed, the second block will take substantially longer to weld, even though it's not actually being repaired back to the same state.