Block Progression/Discovery for Survival

Commando Kain shared this feedback 16 months ago

I think a very good way to enhance survival game play would be to add the option to have a progression system that can be toggled on or off in the world setting, when you are setting up your world. Players should be able to choose if they want to use it or not. There are a few mods out on the community that do this but they take a bit of scripting to setup. It would be Amazing to see this officially supported as a Survival feature.

In a nutshell the system could flow as follows with block discovery enabled.

Players start the game with only Pre-selected blocks. Then players must explore and find prefabs in order to acquire new blocks. Once they have found a block that they do not already have in their G-Menu. They can hack or Grind down the block in order to be able to build that block.

Things I think that a Progression system would need.

1. Ability to be Toggled on or off both via admin menu and in world set-up menu.

2. Allow players to configure what blocks they would like players to start with and without. As well as blocks they would like to BAN.

3. Must either Grind down or hack a block to discover the block.

4. Suggestion: Add a new tool maybe a Scanner or Hacking Module that must be used for Discovery/Hacking.

5. Suggestion: If not going with adding a tool or grinding down a block to learn it. Maybe add a blueprint system that will spawn schematics into cargo containers that will give you the knowledge to build the block that schematic was for. I.E. if A player finds a schematic for a small hydrogen engine they will be able to then build that block.

Thank you for your time and keep up the Awesome work!

Commando Kain

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What if they made it so that there was a new tool (for personnel and for spaceships) for scanning objects to gather data on a specific component so that when you come across a destroyed spaceship or an enemy base you can scan the components and find what that component is how it works and allow you to build another.