Block group issue in multiplayer

Byzod shared this bug 6 months ago


Change block member of a block group is messed up in multiplayer, but only happens for guests.

It's worth noting that ehe bug behavior is different for flight seat and control panel, but in this demo I will show how the seat is bugged.


1. Build some toggleable blocks (Grinder A/B/C in this demo), 1 Flight Seat (and electric source etc), host player P1 and guest player P2

2. Player P1 select Grinder A and B in control panel, create group *G1.

3. Player P1 add action Action1 (*G1>toggle on/off) on Flight Seat

(optional) Player P1 trigger Action1, Grinder A and B is on/off

4. Player P1 open control panel of the grid, select group *G1, control + click on Grinder B and C, then save the group. The group member of *G1 is now Grinder B & C

5. Player P1 trigger Action1 on Flight Seat, Grinder B & C is on/off as intended.

6. Player P2 open control panel and change the group *G1 member to A & C

7. Player P2 trigger Action1 on Flight Seat, Grinder A & B & C is on/off.


7. Player P2 trigger Action1 on Flight Seat, Grinder A & C is on/off.


1. This bug only happens for guest player

2. Using control panel results in a different result. Direct control in control panel, timer block and other control medium is not tested.

Game version & states:

1. Space Engineers 1.190.1

2. No mods

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