Asteroid Spawning

Joshua H Davidson shared this bug 13 months ago

I was creating a system of asteroids in a cluster about a couple of months ago. I was spawning them in manually on creative using Voxel Hands. Everything then was coming in fine. The asteroids would come spawned with various resources, plenty of iron, and other resources were to be found.

Recently, as in over the last month, something major changed in the spawning of asteroids and resources. The asteroids come now in very boring "globs" of pure stone. (I used voxel hands and bore through many of these asteroids. The only resources that seems to be spawning is stone, and that's it.) The other issue I have noticed is a total lack of interesting formations on these asteroids. They used to come full of tunnels, and bays, and craters. Now, as I mentioned earlier, they're very uninteresting blobs of stone. With no tunnels, no caves, no unusual formations, and most critically, they are void of any helpful resources.

Please I would like this bug fixed, as I have talked with several other players on steam, and we've all noticed that something happened to how asteroids are being spawned.

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