Armor Textures are Ugly.

Space Engineererer shared this feedback 12 months ago

I understand why SE went wit the newish rugged textures of armor blocks. However, these textures of the block which makes up 90% of a ships exterior, are make a ship look messy. People use armor blocks on ships because they are simple shapes that look "clean." Adding obvious textures to them makes ships overcrowded with detail, so now, instead of creating and defining the shapes that make up a ship, they work to make a ship look like someone scribbled all over it.

There are colors more effected:

d80374d8c3068b0c4e661b6bf9d8f20fAnd then there are those that are less affected such as light grey colors.

Additionally, the rivet on the blast door edge block also makes ships look messy and does not improve ships' looks in anyway.

Also, shaders are a bit of a problem. reflective glare can often be somewhat hard to escape, despite them being reflected off off flat smooth surfaces most of the time. Colors become darker as you move away. when somewhat close to things lit by sunlight, the glow from it can glow too much so that changes in angles are indistinguishable.