Anti-griefing system is game breaking when used with Build & Repair mod.

Suicide Neil shared this feedback 13 months ago

The anti-griefing system, specifically ownership of blocks, prevents players in the same faction from painting blocks if they don't own the majority or all of the blocks on any given grid. This makes it extremely difficult to use the Build & Repair Mod that explicitly requires that players can easily and quickly repaint blocks in order to remove them ( 'paint it pink' ).

I don't understand the need to have such a system in the first place- if players are in the same faction, then you don't need anti-griefing; if some is interfering with another persons build then they are simply kicked from the faction by an admin or faction leader at which point they can't paint anything regardless in the faction they were ejected from. It's about time to stream-line the ownership system and simplify the anti-griefing system so it is fit for purpose.

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BUMP- this is ofcourse also a major issue even without any mods involved. Majority ownership over blocks should not be required to stop other people from painting them, simply give us the option to set either 'all can paint' or 'only owner can paint' or 'only faction can paint' - this will simplify the system and still deal with griefing via painted blocks. This could be tied into the existing system of sharing grids with faction members/everyone/owner only. Get a handle on these things please, Keen.