Airtightness on Dedicated Server

Noir88 shared this bug 13 months ago
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Good Day Guy´s,

i have the problem with the new airtightness on my dedicated server. I have installed my own respawnship mod with vanilla ship and the ships with a few hangardoor have the problem, that volume of the ship, after 2 or 3 time open and close the hangar door, is not handle correctly.

The server handle the complet grid-field as one big area for the oxygen. If i close the hangardoor, the server will handle the ship as airtight, but with the realy big size of area around the ship with oxygen. If i open the hangardoors the complet ship is not airtight.

For more Info´s is no problem to come to me on my server for examples.

Best Regards


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Hello, Engineer!

Could you please upload file with that world for better reproduction please?

Kind Regards

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heer is my savegame-file from my server


I have the same bug on my dedicated server. After rebooting the server the bug was gone but was replaced by another oxygen related bug. Which is ,when i start de server my ship is pressurised but when i depressurise my ship by openings doors after close al doors the game things there is still a leak an doesn't pressurise the ship is this related of is it another bug ??