A.I taking it's 1st baby steps [01_192_022]

Sk1ns shared this bug 5 months ago

The funny yet odd A.I seems to like Europa and wants to be up close and personal with it's surface, and like a wee 'Baby', takes it's first steps trying to walk on Europa.

Twice this has happened within a day of each other and in 2 new game starts. This is in star system and with no mods in any way, shape or form. The ships are of the traders and it's only 2 of them (they look alike to one another, although different in some ways). Second time this happend the ship wan't walking, unlike the first one.

If anyone thinks this is a joke, think again plus it ain't april either.

10 minutes later, I ended up removing it due to the lag/stutter and holes the first one was making.. 10 further minutes after doing so game CTD, with which is related in a lot of ways to another bug I posted just before this one yet 'Keen', going off 7 months ago, don't want such things in one bug post which is a big waste of My time.. Was recording but as 'Keen' still have yet to fix something long ago both videos can't be played due to the 'CTD' before I could stop recording (I do not record in 'desktop mode'). More bugs to post..

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