A couple of bugs found.....

James Biddulph shared this bug 7 months ago

Firstly the game is currently stopping working correctly during play, by this I mean you can be travelling along quite happily then for some reason you suddenly run uncontrollably forward (or if in a buggy or space ship it suddenly stops functioning) after leaving the game (saving progress) and reloading the game continues as if nothing had happenned.

The next bug I founf was in the cockpit, if you connect to a base connector to unload items then disconnect after your unload has finished you need to reset the handbrake each and every time.

I came back to the game after a very lengthy lay off to find out if the game had improved, to my dismay it seems to have gotten worse, the bugs are horrific, but I will give it a while longer to see if these bugs are sorted, the next time I leave the game it will be for good.

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