2*2*1 Slope Corner Armor Blocks.

René Lindner shared this feedback 6 months ago

Could you pretty pleased add them? 😅

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I see you don't like the pyramid style slope corners, and besides they would be cool in vanilla and i would appreciate them alot i guess it's okay to need mods for them.

But this 3 blocks i am asking for are missing in your main style slope corner set and would make the whole armor set as it is complete.


And add every missing block while u at it

Like FULL CORNER blocks that every other game has from the start.

Also matching blocks for round armor.


Always want to see those

and i may add another small Suggestion a "in german called: Gabionenzaun" ist a girdermesh filled with gravel

Maybe ist a new way to use the gravel and some girders in SE

also add links for those blocks ( See: missing link Pictures)