[1.190.1] - Moving Missile Turrets are Inaccurate

Cyber Cheese shared this bug 2 months ago

Missile turrets will always aim at the wrong location when they are moving.

Please watch this video demonstration, which I have also attempted to attach to this report:


Steps to reproduce:

Load into this test world:

.sbc file: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=21497484952154098302

.sbo file: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=00639098634489020672


1) Grid A is any movable grid with a functional missile turret, turned off

2) Grid B is any movable grid with an enemy or neutral block

3) Check that the missile turret is set to target the block on Grid B

3) Fly Grid A in parallel to Grid B, at 50 m/s - 105 m/s, 200 m - 800 m from one another at equal, constant velocities

--> To quickly accomplish this alone, I used a landing gear on a 200 m strut from Grid A to Grid B. But be sure the strut will not be a direct line from the missile turret to the target.

4) Turn on the missile turret on Grid A


Grid A's missile turret will miss the enemy or neutral block on Grid B every time.

Expected behavior:

Grid A's missile turret should always hit the enemy or neutral block, as the target is not accelerating.

Suggested fix:

The error likely relates to inherited velocity, as missile turrets are still consistently accurate if the missile turret itself does not move (even for a very fast moving target).

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