[1.190.009] [DS] Stuck in Respawn screen when chat is open

LordTylus shared this bug 9 months ago

Hello there,

on our Server we enabled the old respawn system due to popular request to enable them spawn jumping again. By doing so I noticed a bug with the chat system.

When you are dying and still writing a chat message you will be sent to respawn screen and chat stays open.

However I can no longer type anything in chat and while chat is open I cannot select a spawn point. Also closing the chat is not possible. So basically I am stuck and doomed to restart the game.

Please fix.

Files: bug.PNG

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Hello, Engineer!

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6+ months and still no fix, I have submitted another post , didn't find this until after I submitted one.

contains a bit more evidence etc and I done some testing on the issue

unable to post link

Label: Game Crashing if chat screen is open on respawn