[1.189.0][DS] User Feedback bad when Pirate-Faction has no PCU left and blocks cannot be hacked

LordTylus shared this bug 9 months ago

Hello there,

I am not really sure if bug or not. It seems pretty intentional.

When The Pirate PCU limit is reached I am not able to hack any of the blocks because grinding them down below the red line makes sure it can never be welded up as long as the Pirate Faction has too many PCU.

I see where it comes from, because it prevents players from stealing PCUs from Pirates. So its a very good way of preventing them from using anything stolen.

But a message would be nice that explains why it does not work currently, or an other way of getting the resources out.

For example I had one encounter which had a weird button I could press that allowed me access to the containers, but I have only seen it once and then never again. Not even on the same encounter. Maybe it was deleted by any kind of cleanup settings...

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