[1.189.0][DS] Auto Spawn at wrong medbay on login

LordTylus shared this bug 10 months ago

Hello there,

I discovered a very annoying bug on our Dedicated Server. It seems I always spawn at the closes Medbay to the worlds center after I log back in.

I have set up the following scenario:

1. I built a small starter base at earth, that has an active medbay.

2. I built a small ship and flew up to space.

3. I was Picked up by a collegue and brought to Mars

4. I built a second small base with medbay on Mars.

After I got tired I logged off on Mars. And I had no cryopod at hand.

When I logged back in the next day. I respawned at Earth. My expactation would be I spawn at the closest medbay to the point I logged out / died. Which would be Mars.

I would not expect being spawned back at Earth.

Similar Issue when flying with a small ship in space. I had a survival kit attached to it. After The server crashed I was respawned at Earth and my ship was basically doing its own thing in space.

Could you please fix that ASAP as there are a lot of players on our Server that are suffering from this behavior.


There is one thing that may probably be the cause of it. I noticed on my local Dedicated server when Killing myself and my only survival kit that my corpse antenna signal is shown in the center of the planet.

When for some reason the body gets teleported there after logout the game may think that earth is the closest spawn location. This however is just speculation.

I have written a Mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1407133818 before the big Update that just wrote the last death location per player ID in a file to the storage.

Maybe the solution would be to write it into the save file when a player dies or logs out which location he logged out at?

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Thank you for that but I assume it was the havok running out of memory bug.

There was a fix for that as far as I know and it does not happen anymore.


huh? I am like 100 percent sure not to have written this comment on this ticket bot on an other one...

well anyway yeah the spawn at wrong medbay is still a thing