[1.189.044] Invalid down scaling for upgrade modules using Multiplicative ModifierType

Kevin03YZFR1 shared this bug 5 months ago

When manually editing values for upgrade modules for both Productivity and PowerEfficiency, when using "Multiplicative" values greater than 0 and less than 1, the core code does not properly calculate the correct output in game when turning off or removing a module until restart.

Steps to recreate are below:

1. Edit the CubeBlocks.sbc for the Power Efficiency Module

2. Change <ModifierType>Additive</ModifierType> to <ModifierType>Multiplicative</ModifierType>

3. Change <Modifier>1.2228445</Modifier> to <Modifier>0.5</Modifier>

4. Load the mod into a new world and build a powered Refinery

5. Build 4 Power Efficiency Modules onto the Refinery and observe the increase in power requirements

6. Turn off and/or remove the PowerEfficiency modules and observe that the efficiency rating is now a factor far greater than 100%

Please note that this affects BOTH Productivity and PowerEfficiency.

I have reported this bug before in the old forum on May 30, 2018 however, this is still an issue. Please assist in getting this corrected as I have a feature that I would like to implement on my server but cannot until this is corrected.

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