[1.188] Spectator Mode is enabled for everyone after hotfix

Renz shared this bug 14 months ago
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F8 Spectator Mode is accessible despite being disabled in the World Settings in creative

This was not the case before [1.188]

I've tested this to new worlds as well as existing worlds, both with Spectator disabled

I went to creative server with spectator disabled, and I could still access it

I went to a survival server with spectator disabled, and I couldn't access it (phew)

Having spectator always enabled in creative multiplayer is making it hard for admins to identify the greifer, which I usually disable it

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with the security updates in Minor 188.1 we reorganized the rights of each rank from Player up to Admin/Owner.

The rules for these are specified here.

Are you the admin of the server?

Do you think the issue is breaking the rules linked above?

If you do please contact us with more information.

Thanks for your cooperation and have a nice day :)


I've tested it on more random servers and where Spectator is disabled and where i definitely do not have rank. I have access to spectator mode on all of them. I've asked a few players to do the same and they are getting the same result. This only applies to creative


This is still a bug.

you can kill yourself while getting into a cockpit, and then after your body despawns grind down the cockpit to enter spectator mode on survival. Combine that with nearby members showing up in coms and you've got a pretty powerful radar system with unlimited speed