[1.188.105][DS] LOD on Planets broken after some time

LordTylus shared this bug 10 months ago

Hello there,

currently I have been playing a bit more on planets, but on each planet I noticed that after some time (up tp 30 minutes of flying around) the LOD stopped updating.

I then see floating Trees, Bases which are under ground and when walking on the ground it may happen that I am running in the air or below the surface.

This only is a graphical glitch though. The horizon altimeter still shows correct values and once I reconnect to the server everything looks fine again for some time.

I noticed it happening on Dedicated Servers only so far. And attached some screenshots of how it looks.

Note: The Screenshots I have taken Today happened after about 15 Minutes of flight in the lander on a Vanilla DS. Basically I just spawned in a new one and flew from Ice Lake to Ice Lake in straight lines.

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I Noticed this happening more often since I have a new Video Card that allows me to run the game on high settings.

It happened significantly less often when running on medium settings.

Will test running the game on medium again to see if thats an improvement.


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