{1.188.105] It is possible to steal oxygen and hydrogen from tanks even when access denied

LordTylus shared this bug 10 months ago

Hello there,

today I noticed that you can steal Oxygen and Hydrogen from tanks even when they are access denied.

I just need to hack one of them for example on an argentavis and set it to stockpile. Then it pull all oxygen from the other tank.

Its actually pretty cool, but I think this should not be possible.

Because why would Tanks need ownership in the first place if they can only hold bottles and can easily be emptied by any other tank of any other ownership.

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1. Same true for batteries. You can set your own to 'recharge' and drain other batteries in such way.

2. Tanks are emptied during grinding. Without ability to drain tanks, all that 'cargo' (or energy) will be lost.

3. Thrusters do not have permissions, yet receive fuel, it stands to reason that fuel line either has no security or something can fake an 'I'm thruster, feed me' signal.