[1.188.105] It is possible to bypass PCU and Block-Limits completely with Argentavis Welders

LordTylus shared this bug 11 months ago

Hello there,

today my comrades and I discovered the following problem. Our server has very strict PCU and block limits which we can now completely bypass.

We managed to capture an Argentavis, which has 6 Welders on it.

The welders have no PCU owner and were owned by us after we hacked it completely. With these Welders we were able to create more welders (Which also have no PCU owner) using a projector to build a huge welder platform.

With that platform we can create any ship we want of of any size we want. So PCU Limits dont affect us anymore at all.

Also it is possible to steal other peoples PCU using the same method, but they would just delete our grids when we are found out, so using the Argentavis Method is the most secure one to bypass the limits.

Do you have any way or idea on how to fix it? From my point of view this is a game breaking exploit that allows people to do stuff they are not supposed to do.

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Similar exploits exist with modded blocks such as nanites and nanobot mods. I've created a separate exploit report on this... but this is completely vanilla and needs to be fixed. This is literally game-breaking stuff.


We have the same problem on our servers,

Players with a block limit of 12 drills can buy ships from the npc station and bypass the limits...

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