[1.188.1] /taskkill from *.bat file does not save the world

woyosensei shared this bug 11 months ago


I have my own home server for SE, ME and many other games and just to make it easier I have batch files to control all of these services. At a certain time during the day, about 04:35 AM every day my server restart itself (set from Task Manager) to clear some memory. Before it restart, 5 minutes before it runs another batch file to close all these services, including SE. What we can read from KSH website about dedicated servers, /taskkill command for batch file should save the server world and close the service. Problem is it does not happen. Just yesterday I left the game entering the cryo chamber. I left all my current inventory in the container and left the game. Today, after connecting to my server all my inventory from yesterday is gone, all changes I've made before exit is gone (I've made another container on the other side of my base), basically no changes has been saved after autosave about 15 minutes before I left.

Can anyone confirm this bug or is it just me and something wrong with my world?

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