[1.188.024] Performance problems/stuttering after updating

i c t shared this bug 15 months ago
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After updating to 1.188.024 I have begun experiencing serious performance problems where the entire simulation repeatedly stutters and locks up in 1-2 second bursts after seemingly random actions in the presence of some more complex large grid stations and ships that caused no problems in the previous version. Attempting to reload saves and backup saves from before these episodes returns things to normal for a short amount of time, but it eventually occurs again even in empty areas upwards of >500km away from possibly offending grids. I've tried a number of things so far to fix it, including:

  • Deleting some unused ships (that were working just fine with no performance problems before and even after this update)
  • Disabling mods (I'm only running a small handful, the biggest one being EEM which I played with for over 40 hours prior to this update with no performance problems)
  • Turning graphics settings down to lowest possible
  • Restarting the game, my computer, and tweaking process priority and core affinity
  • Starting over from scratch with an entirely new world

None of the first 4 attempts did anything more noticeable than delay the stuttering episodes for a few minutes at best. After creating a new world I was able to play again for a few hours and encountered a couple complex large grid NPC ships with no performance problems. After following one in transit for around 20-30 minutes I went to open a hangar bay on my own ship and the simulation started grinding to a halt after a few seconds. I reloaded this save several times and even jumping several hundred kilometers away from the ship still wouldn't stop the stuttering. The last two major occurrences of this seemed to happen when attempting to dock some small grid craft to my own ship or EEM stations, while the instance on the new save occurred in the presence of some docked small grid craft as well, which I have had on my ship since the previous version.

My system is a little old (Dual Xeon E5450 + 8 GB DDR2 + RX 470) but since I was able to get consistently good performance before now, I don't think this problem relates to my hardware or game settings/installed add-ons. The only possible root causes that make some kind sense to me relate to either connectors, air tightness or the scripting system (the stuttering seems to occur in the presence of EEM ships/stations with a larger than average amount of programmable/timer blocks, but my own ships have a lot of those too and don't seem to have problems)

I'm absolutely loving this game so far, and I'd like to help get this figured out in any way I can.

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I left my computer off overnight to see if this was perhaps an overheating problem, reloaded a save earlier today and immediately jumped into empty space and the stuttering started hitting again almost immediately. After leaving it going for a while to see if it would sort itself out, I decided to try turning off my ship... and the stuttering went away. I've been playing for a couple hours now with no problems so far, but I'm keeping an eye on it.


Hello, Engineer!

It seems like there could be something wrong with your ship.

Could you please provide us blueprint of that ship or world with it?

Thank you for cooperation

Kind Regards

Keen Software House: QA Department


Hi! Sorry for taking a while on this, here is a save from the world where I first encountered this problem.

I've been working with a new save for a while and things seem to be going a little more smoothly. Though I've had a couple of these events, they've been under much more understandable circumstances and I've been able to prevent them by deleting stray objects and debris, though doing it after the stuttering has already started doesn't seem to alleviate the problem and I usually have to reload a save from before it occurred. I also did overhaul my ship, with most of the programmable/timer blocks and sensors removed or replaced.