[1.187.209] Coop mode for assemblers

DarkEyeDragon shared this bug 15 months ago

When using the master-slave principle (all assemblers on coop mode except the main one). It works fine except when you run out materials. The slaves will still request the materials for the item it can't make despite it being cleared from the master's queue. And there is no way to clear them. Even when disabling coop mode they will still try to create the item. If you take out the materials from the slaves they will just request new materials and wait till the missing materials get delivered. This is really annoying. Especially when making things with rare resources.

Sorry if this is explained poorly, i tried my best.

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Did you try right clicking to clear them were it shows progress

Also there are two options for Coop mode one in the control panel for the assembler and one in the prodution menu next to repeat mode.

Hope this helps.


there's nothing in their queue. And its not on repeat mode. They just don't clear the queue when the master's queue gets cleared. So it still tries to make the item. It just doesnt show up in the GUI so i cant cancel it.


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