[1.187.2] Merge block causing artificial mass to disable when disconnects from main grid

Jackattack shared this bug 15 months ago

Hello KSH,

I'm currently making a ship which fires a Gravity Rail gun, And the game sometimes has this issue where when you disconnect from a grid using merge blocks, the artificial mass block sometimes disables, however, the game still shows the block on in the terminal (but visually the block is still red), but all the features applied to the block are disabled.

(Note that the bug is occasional are does not happen every time, you may need to Copy & paste a few times)

Please fix ASAP :D

[EDIT: I tried to upload a video, but it did not work, sorry]

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Link not working for me. Try Youtube.

Are you sure it's not a battery/power issue? Even if your grids have power this might be related to your other report here:https://support.keenswh.com/spaceengineers/general/topic/merge-block-and-ship-power


Sorry wrong link: https://vimeo.com/287631907

Yes this report is similar to that one.


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