[01.193.1] Grated Catwalks need a couple more variants to be complete

Stephen Conklin shared this feedback 2 months ago

Firstly, let me say that I love, love, LOVE the additions made to Space Engineers with the Holiday Update! Small grid glass is something that I know a lot of us have been waiting for for a while, and the new bits for the Grated Catwalks and Half-Stairs are fantastic. However, there are a couple pieces that are still missing that would be QUITE useful to anyone building a catwalk system; Grated Catwalk Straight Half Left and Half Right would be useful, and the same thing for Grated Catwalk Corners would be grand, and Grated Catwalk Wall variants, too. Perhaps even a couple more variants of the Grated Catwalk Ends, with Half Stair attachments on the left and right sides of the blocks, instead of just on the one section of railing. I may be asking for a bit much, but it's something that would really flesh the Grated Catwalks out, with being able to have stairs come off the walk at any point, as a real catwalk system would be able to do. That having been said, thank you for all your hard work on Space Engineers, Keen. It's a game I truly love to no end, and it makes me exceptionally happy to see it flourish. Thank you for your time, and a VERY Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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They also could have added something for this settup with the new Grated Catwalks